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The Company

Organizational Learning Systems, Inc. is a specialized practice offering lean systems education and organizational development support. In addition to manufacturing, the portfolio includes healthcare and education, two areas requiring advanced, customized solutions grounded in their own, specific value propositions. On the basis of original research at Toyota and other leading companies conducted since 1994, OLS has created a lean systems model that leverages the four factors of lean enterprise competitiveness: superior value proposition, lean governance, coupled systems work flow, and discretionary employee contributions. 

In addition to education, training and coaching, special emphasis is given to lean transformation support in two areas: 

          • strategy design assistance for new transformations; 
          • diagnostic and regenerative interventions in underperforming or stalling transformations. 

With estimates that at least 70% of lean implementations are jeopardized, timely attention to obstacles and targeted remediation are essential to avoid costly financial implications and, perhaps even more consequential, distrust, cynicism and apathy across the workforce. Institutional memory threatens to perpetuate such effects for a generation. Over 30 years of research experience on organizational culture and systems support these areas of practice.

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