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Understanding Lean Thinking - The Human Mind at Work

Although the practice of lean thinking is generally regarded as a precondition for organizational transformation, experience with many companies seeking this path shows that there are quite a few things not generally well understood. And ignorance is a common stumbling stone on this path.

Is lean thinking a distinctive mode of cognition; if so, does it complement or displace conventional modes of organizational thinking? Does it require a quorum of practitioners to manifest and sustain itself? How are common sense and shared reality created? Can we assess its maturity, and what are the effects of different industries, cultures and environments?

This workshop leads participants via demonstrations and mindful exercises through some of the challenges of understanding lean thinking and proposes a systematic learning process to support its individual and organizational development.


  • The various points of origin of lean thinking

  • Lean thinking paradigms

  • Lean thinking perspectives

  • The practice of lean thinking


Target Audience (Experience):

Anyone interested in lean thinking and organizational culture change, or generally intellectually adventurous, regardless of industry or role.


Target Audience (Organizational Role):

Leaders at all levels; anyone with a formal or informal support role in lean transformation; or with functional interests in organizational development.

Duration: One to two days - available on site.

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