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Grow Value, Fight Waste! An Integrated Operational and Managerial Action Plan

Workshop Description


Learn to distinguish value-creating work from the various types and manifestations of waste – waste of physical, operational, managerial, financial and intellectual resources. Return to your organization with an integrated strategy and action plan.


Competitiveness of any business depends on convincing customers of the superior value of its products and services, backed by its reliable ability to deliver on that promise effectively. This workshop will help participants maximize the value-adding aspects of operational and support work while minimizing different types of waste. Beyond Taiichi Ohno’s primary typology of defects, overproduction, waiting, transportation, inventory, motion and excessive processing, and the later addition of the waste of non-utilized resources or talent, we will explore, for the first time systematically, the even more destructive – and insufficiently recognized - forms of waste found in managerial and administrative environments. This will provide participants with an innovative, secondary typology focusing on higher-level wastes (of both commission and omission), mostly focusing on properties of information flow, decision making and leadership behavior.


Examples will come from manufacturing, the supply and distribution chain, and the transactional support structure. Identified wastes will be matched with effective countermeasures and recommendations for strategic and practical action.


Learning Objectives


Attendees will learn about an innovative method to identify and countermeasure primary and secondary types of waste in their work environments. The workshop will improve their practical ability to support the lean transformation of their organization and increase its competitiveness in customer value creation.

Duration: One to three days, including genba activities - on site.

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