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Lean Healthcare - Fundamentals

With a few notable exceptions, the lean philosophy has not had a home in the healthcare system until the current decade.

Early adoptions focused on attempts to transfer the manufacturing toolbox to hospitals and other places of care, albeit with mostly unimpressive results: after all, healthcare does not create products, objects, but caters to individuals (and their families), so that value propositions become essentially subjective - experiences. Providing good health outcomes combined with a positive experience places different demands on both operations and management.

This workshop surveys major aspects of the lean systems approach to healthcare.


•   Current state of the healthcare industry

•   Epigenesis of the lean system in healthcare

•   Focusing on patient and family

•   The providers

•   The service process

•   The service lines

•   The facility

•   Safety and quality

•   Financial stewardship

Target Audience (Experience):

Medical, administrative and support staff on the lean journey or involved in leant healthcare transformation; anyone interested in doing their work more effectively


Target Audience (Organizational Role):

Leaders at all levels; anyone with a formal or informal support role in lean transformation; or with functional interests in organizational development.

Duration: Two to three days - available on site.

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